What is Life + Legacy Organizing?

This can be broken down to two parts that are heavily intertwined: Life Organizing means having all the important information that you need documented and easily accessible for yourself. Legacy Organizing means everyone who needs that information can access it if/when needed, and others will be able to fulfill your wishes.


Services Approach

I am here as your resource and advocate. Everyone’s process is unique, and each individual needs a different level of support. During our phone consultation we can speak about what suits you and your working style best. Change your mind along the way? No problem! We’ll develop a new approach together.


Service Levels

Phone Consultation

  • Every Client begins with a free 20 minute phone consultation, to give you an opportunity to ask any questions about the process, and make sure we are a good fit. Then we can determine what services fit your needs (and budget) the best. Interested to speak with me to learn more? You can schedule your complimentary phone consultation HERE.

Level One: Assessment + Action Plan

  • An assessment where we identify your individual priorities, review what you already have, and craft a strategy that works for you/your family.
  • Creation of an Action Plan of tasks that you could complete on your own, breaking everything down into manageable steps to help you achieve your goals.

Level Two: Assessment + Action Plan + Check-Ins

  • The above services PLUS virtual or in-person assistance to help navigate any specific task or hurdles you might encounter along the way.

Level Three: Every Step of the Way

  • I can work with you, in your home or virtually (if you are out of my service area) to help activate and execute each item on your detailed Action Plan.
  • Depending on your situation, I can work on parts of your planning independently and consult with you when needed, or we can work hand in hand on each line item of your Action Plan.


Sample of Additional Services

  • Life Planning

    • Password Managers
    • Organization of important documents, plans, and other information.
    • Household Inventory to know what you have; useful if you ever need to file an insurance claim.
  • Legacy Planning

    • Estate Organization
    • Digital Estate Plan: Ensure you have all the account information for all of your personal and business accounts -- from banking to social media -- in one place.
    • Home Inventory: Catalog all of your household belongings (with photos and descriptions). Notate specifically what should be done with large/high value or sentimental pieces.



You might be wondering--exactly HOW do you store information that we gather and collect in one place? How is it secure?
Great question! I have partnered with a third party vendor that has created a wonderful online platform with a secure place to input AND share your information. As a Client of Behind the Scenes Organizing, you receive a complimentary account. (Seriously!) You can then be on your way to documenting the important information (as much, or as little of it online) so it’s easily accessible to you and your loved ones. The greatest value is using it as a road map to point someone to the precise location of WHERE to find something. I can work with you and your family to make sure you have covered all of your bases, connected with your other trusted advisors, and have peace of mind, no matter what life throws your way.